Welcome to
Samyang Optics


We want to give many thanks to all who have cared for us and have been with us all along. As many of you know, our company has specialized, for over 40 years, in manufacturing professional optical lenses. And, such accumulation of techniques and performance have successfully led not only to manufacturing and selling high-quality, interchangeable camera lenses, CCTV lenses, and others, but also to expand the brand power of “SAMYANG OPTICS” to different parts of the world. Considering customer satisfaction as our number one priority, our Samyang Optics staff members have been putting in utmost effort on developing new products and broadening the scope of our business with various optical products and application systems. Merging our long years of experience in this field with newly developed technology, we, Samyang, hope to become the center of optical technologies to better suit your needs.

Samyang, with its dear customers, aims to make constant breakthroughs and creative innovations based on its past history and accomplishments. While the competition for business continues to intensify, we seek hard to find our comparative strategic advantage, so as to establish Samyang as the leading brand in optical lens industry. That is, to set our sharp and accurate focus down on the constantly evolving world for future preparation, to take a more systematic and state-of-the-art approach, and to finally do our earnest best for fulfilling our objective. Samyang will offer ample amount of support towards administering the company’s business, from founding a communicating network among the company staffs to devising strategies to achieve the best work efficiency in the work place.

We will continue to work towards creating the best possible customer value beyond the ordinary. We sincerely ask for your consistent support and interest, with which “SAMYANG OPTICS” will gleam and shine ever brighter. Please keep an eye on us while we remain steadfastly dedicated to building a profitable company that stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best optical companies.

Thank you. Samyang Optics, President & CEO Hwang, Choong Hyun