• 2020-02-18 XEEN CF Cine Prime Lens Lineup Completed with Addition of 2 New Focal Lengths

    XEEN CF Cine Prime Lens Lineup Completed
    with Addition of 2 New Focal Lengths

    February 14th 2020, Seoul, South Korea – Global optics brand Samyang Optics announces the availability of the compact and lightweight XEEN CF 16mm T2.6 and 35mm T1.5 cine primes for PL, Canon EF and Sony E mount, completing the lineup of 5 XEEN CF models. Thanks to the 2 new additions, the XEEN CF cine prime lineup is now offering the primary lens set of 5 focal lengths including: 16mm T2.6, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5.

    A Journey to Innovate to Lead Global Filming Trend
    After introducing professional cinematography brand XEEN in 2015, the XEEN team had in-depth meetings with cinematographers around the world and discovered rising needs for smaller and lighter equipment. A challenge was that the basic material, steel, has to be changed since there was a limit to reducing the weight. The team found carbon fibre which is used for aerospace, automobiles, and sporting goods for its lightweight and stiffness, but this material is rarely used for precision machinery for its difficulty in molding. “A journey for innovation had begun. Finding carbon fibre required an out-of-box approach, and molding the delicate fibres into a certain shape and size coping with glass elements inside took several months even for R&D designers with decades of experience,” the Product Development Manager recalls. Also, the cost premium of carbon fibre was another challenge to overcome in order to provide the lens for both renowned and aspiring cinematographers.

    Winning the iF Design Award for Usability and Design
    XEEN CF was introduced in late 2019 as a result of vigorous tests. The use of carbon fibre in the XEEN CF lens barrel makes it lighter, but sturdier than others with metal barrels. In February 2020, XEEN CF was awarded by prestigious iF Design Award 2020 for its compact design and usability by integrating robust carbon fibre. Especially, maintaining high image quality for large sensors with compact size was highly recognized. The futuristic lens body design with fibre weave reflecting the creativity of cinematographers was also applauded for its aesthetic. “We are grateful for the recognition of design and practicality by respected iF Design Award. We will continue to innovate and challenge status quo to introduce perfect partner for filmmaking,” stated by Product Development Manager.

    Compact and Flexible for Diverse Filming Situations
    XEEN “CF” stands for both “Carbon Fibre” and “Compact and Flexible”, which highlights the compact size and versatility of the lenses. For example, the XEEN CF 16mm weighs just 0.9kg (2.0lbs) and measures 82.3mm (3.24in) height. This compact size reflects and leads the trend in cinematography and videography. It is ideal, not only for large cinematography camera setups, but also for drone and gimbal setups which require a more compact and lighter lens. XEEN CF is also compatible with large image sensor cameras, with its 43.3mm image circle. Cinematographers now can create countless images with one lens, enjoying the flexibility of equipment operation. 

    Capture Delicate Emotions in 8K
    As the vice president of the ASC, Bill Bennett quoted, "the new XEEN CF lenses show faces in a most beautiful way, with smooth and subtle transitions". With 8K support and unique X-coating technology, internal light reflections are effectively controlled to create a distinctive look and dramatic effects. They provide smooth, soft and dreamy bokeh when wide open and become crystal sharp when stopped down. This allows directors to maximise the delicate emotions of performers, while richly depicting the scene.

    Main Features
    1. Bright T1.5 and T2.6 apertures enable filming in low-light situations and give full control over feeling of depth.
    2. Compatible with large image sensors (43.3mm image circle).
    3. X-Coating provides distinctive look by controlling internal reflection and produces dramatic images.
    4. 11 aperture blades create beautiful, circular bokeh.
    5. Carbon Fibre in lens barrel delivers light weight and durability.
    6. Standard Ø95mm front size is fully compatible with matte boxes.
    7. Available in PL, Canon EF and Sony E mount.
    8. Luminous paint used for model and distance markings allows effortless use, even in extremely low-light environments
    9. Focus and aperture ring locations uniform across all models, with improved gear design and weighting for smooth rotation.
    10. Consistent 200-degree wide angle of rotation enables fine focus adjustment.
    11. Bidirectional scale on both sides of lens body enables easy verification and operation.


    More details of the XEEN CF complete prime lens set, in 5 focal lengths, can be found on the XEEN official website and social media channels below. 

    - XEEN website: 
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  • 2020-02-17 Lens Firmware Update Annoucement - AF 50mm F1.4 FE (Version 33)

    We would like to announce the availability of new Firmware for the AF 50mm F1.4 FE (Version 33).

    You must have a Lens Station for FE mount, which allows you to connect Samyang Auto Focus FE mount lenses to your computer and use Lens Manager Software(available free for download) to update your firmware.

    *Latest lens manager software : Version 2.42 (Window) / Version 2.42 (Mac)

    *For better use, remove the battery first, then the battery back to the camera after a firmware update. 

  • 2020-02-06 XEEN CF Wins iF Design Award 2020 for Excellent Design and Usability

    XEEN CF Wins iF Design Award 2020 for 
    Excellent Design and Usability

    February 5th, 2020, Seoul, South Korea – A global optics brand Samyang Optics celebrates the winning iF Design Award 2020 for XEEN CF cine prime lens. Its compact and lightweight design maximizing the usability is highly recognized by jury. 

    Organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Germany, 1953, ‘iF Design Award’ is one of the top 3 acclaimed international design competitions along with ‘Red Dot Design Award’ and ‘IDEA Design Award’. It is recognized as a symbol of design excellence. Submitted designs are evaluated comprehensively not only for its aesthetics but also for functionality, use value, usability, ergonomics and practicability.  

    XEEN CF is launched in September 2019 by Samyang Optics to meet the needs of latest trend in digital cinematography. After in-depth meetings with cinematographers around the world, the lens was develop with a compact design and flexible usage with robust carbon fiber while maintaining the image quality for large image sensors. With less than 0.9kg/2.0lbs weight, it creates images for various camera setup from large cinema cameras to drones and gimbals. 

    Luminous font was used for easier operation in dark circumstances behind the camera. Its 95mm/3.74in front size is compact and the aligned focus and aperture gear rings throughout the lineup makes it easier to add accessory gears such as follow focus system and matte box. Also, futuristic lens body design reflecting the creativity of cinematographers is also highly recognized for its aesthetic.

    Additionally, its outstanding resolution with 8K support and unique X-coating technology maximize the delicate emotions of people with rich details. The bright aperture of T1.5 offers beautiful bokeh and low light performance.
    3 focal lengths of XEEN CF are available at the moment – 24mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5 and 85mm T1.5. 2 more focal lengths – 16mm T2.6 and 35mm T1.5 - will be introduced within the first quarter of 2020 to complete the set of 5 primary cine lens set. More information can be found on XEEN official website and social media channels below.

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